Letters From March

Dear Mr. Sunshine,

I can’t even begin to express to you my gratitude for showing up early this year.  In an uncharacteristic fashion you warmed up the air and the earth, giving me an unexpected gift of warmth and brightness.  This was such welcomed surprise!  I do feel loved indeed!

~ This Girl is Feeling All Warm and Toasty Inside

Dear James Brown,

Thank you so much for creating the kind of music that gets my son dancing.  Although he is growing up, he has so many carefree and spontaneously fun qualities, like random dancing.  This fills up the space in my house and in my heart.  For a child to bless a mother is a wonderful thing and your music has brought this to me.

~  A Warm Hearted Mom

Dear Heavenly Father,

This month has created a new opportunity for my husband to recreate and rediscover himself with his new job.  You opened this door for him, for us.  The lessons of the last 2 years we are still learning.  There are treasures from this time that will go with us forever.  Who You really are and who we really are more uncovered now.  Our weak estate has revealed Your strength.  Your faith in us to hang in there has strengthened our trust muscle.  We are acutely aware of our human frailty like never before but we are more okay with it now.

~ Your Loving Daughter

In The Shadow Of His Wings


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