rest, a necessary journey.

Recently I was blessed to be able to get away for a week with my family.  

It was wonderful, it was more than necessary, it was a gift.

Reading the pages of scripture I find numerous times where  Jesus broke away from the daily-ness of pressure and responsibility to rest.  Jesus couldn’t afford to take a break, Jesus was indispensable and He was in high demand…and yet Jesus stepped away regularly to catch His spiritual, physical and emotional breath.  He called His friends to do the same.

” …He (Jesus) said to them, ‘ Come with me to a quiet place and get some rest.’  

So they went away by themselves in a boat to a solitary place.”  Mark 6:31-32

 How much more should you and I do the same? Whether we think we can afford to or not, whether or not we think we are indispensable or regardless if we think are in high demand…rest.  In resting we realize our vacant places and give space to be filled.  Rest is not a luxury it is a necessary journey if you want to taste and see the Goodness.

Enjoy these images of my rest.

Come and rest a while.

I saw you in the secret places where you were formed.

Waiting is not a sign of inactivity but rather productivity.

Enter into a time of refreshing.

Come to Me all who are thirsty. Come you who have no money and drink and you will be satisfied.

Fragrant blessing, one after another.

...unless you become like children....

The sun sets to end the day signaling to the stars it's time to come and dance.

Cast your net on the other side of the boat and your net will be full.

Come and bury your troubles in the sea of forgiveness.


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