Just Another Thursday Night

Ho hum…it’s just another Thursday night here.  I’m alone and kind of bored.  Nothing too exciting or new.  Ho hum…..

So I’m just sitting out on my deck, waiting.  Waiting for what I’m not sure but I’m waiting none-the-less.  I fiddle with some kindling wood wondering if it is dry enough to burn yet.  I toss it in the fire.  Yes, it burns.  I watch the ants scurry around on the deck.  It’s like they are looking for something but not, all at the same time.  They make abrupt u-turns and right turns and left turns…like tiny little bumper cars that don’t bump into anything and don’t get anywhere. Silly.

Just another Thursday night.  Nothing new here, ho hum.

I look into the pot of flowers.    Such intricate pink and reds.


And then there is a purple flower….oh the purple.  Have you ever seen this shade before?



And this one.  Look,  it’s all bound tight.  Like it’s holding on for dear life, afraid to spring open or perhaps just waiting for the right time to make a grand entrance.  How does it know when to do that?




Just another Thursday night here….

I hear something next to me. Moving a branch I find a small creature crying for it’s mother.  It must be hungry.  How does it survive out here?  



And then they catch my eye….you know them.  Everyone knows them.

These garden friends hide in the foliage of life but they showed up this Thursday night.  I see their serious but friendly faces.  A whole world lives right below the surface of the dirt. These stoic friends guard this world.  Just think, right now even as I type life is infusing itself in the richness of minerals, soil, worms, bugs and water.  This ordinary Thursday is really a host to fascination unaware.


Just another Thursday Night, wow so much is happening now.  I couldn’t see it but a few moments ago.

Embers sing the blues……





The fire works.  I hear her melody as she crackles and flakes to a rhythm all her own.

It’s dark now.  The frogs and toads call and answer back to one another.  They sound like “Marco”  “Polo”….I swear they’ve learned our childhood games while we weren’t watching.

Just another Thursday night here.



  1. Randy, I always look forward to your life comments, So often they are things I think and observe but don’t know how to express… Thanks! Sal

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