Life Interrupted: The Letti Dog Saga Continues…

So recently Letti, my bundle of fun yellow Lab, hurt her back leg.

Barreling off the back deck she ran for the chewed up soccer ball.  Her vice of choice! Her routine is to bolt toward the ball and hit the breaks as soon as she grabs it.  Ninety pounds of pooch coming to a complete halt from full speed. This particular day, things didn’t go so well.  Immediately she hobbled on 3 legs.  Her back right leg didn’t seem to want to touch the ground any more.  Great!!!

Although she seems to manage quite well on three legs and doesn’t complain about any pain, I figured she probably needed some rest and recuperation in order for her to heal. Being calm is not one of Letti’s strong suites, especially around my husband and son.  Fortunately, they are not around her much during the week so I figured a forced hiatus from excitement would help her heal.

My family, husband especially, were counting on me to do what I could to help Letti get better.  So I found myself intentionally ignoring her so she would not try to ask for attention by getting up and jumping.  Limiting her outside time I would have to keep her from running after toys in the yard, leaves in the wind, smells in the air, just so she wouldn’t tweak her leg again.  I’ve reduced her food because she isn’t burning up calories and hourly get her to gently walk around the kitchen to see how her leg is she managing.

Moment of honesty, I resented having to do these things.  I have to stop what I’m doing to give attention to the wounded needs of my dog. My routines were interrupted by this incident and now I’m left to respond.  I could ignore it all together and risk complicating things or worse yet cause a new injury.  She could hobble just fine on 3 legs so what’s wrong with that? Life would be more difficult this way.  She was created to thrive on 4 legs. Would I be willing to help her?  Would I be willing to do the work or restoring health?

And as slyly as He could, God began drawing an illustration from my recent Letti saga.

 Are you willing to take time to address your wounds?  Are you settling? Hobbling on 3 legs instead of 4? Are you willing to attend wounds so renewed health can replace injury or illness, whether is be physical, emotional or spiritual?

The questions resounded inside me and got me thinking.  Am I  settling for less than I was created for?  What healing and health do I forgo simply because I am not willing?

The Letti dog saga continues…..



  1. Loved this post, Randi. Those questions were similar to those that have stirred in me. There was a longing, an ache, for life to be different. Not because I wasn’t already blessed, but because I believed God had something better. Was I willing to do the hard work of healing to get to it? Would anyone else join me in the journey? What would life look like if I didn’t press on for change? The road of healing is paved with pain but it is a cleansing pain, a purposeful pain, a freeing pain.

    1. Wendy, this was really well stated! Your words are exactly how I felt when I wrote this. I know I’m blessed but does God have more? And does it mean that I have to be willing to create space in my life to change, heal, discover, stretch….etc.? I think God does have more. He is more!! But am I up for that? That is my question to me.

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