Thanksgiving: New Thoughts On An Old Tradition

What has filled you with wonder?  Give thanks.

Thanksgiving:  the act of giving thanks, a prayer expressing gratitude, a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness 


November is a great month.  People making a concerted effort to incorporate gratitude into their lives. I love it. Daily, people express gratitude for things.  Big things.  Little things. Things that would otherwise go unnoticed any other month of the year.

November is a pathway to gratitude.

Gratitude pursues.

Every release of appreciation returns the embrace of God.  Gifts given affirms one is deeply loved.  Loved enough.  Loved…spilling with goodness just for you, just for me.  Blessings of all kinds are love letters.  Our hearts are pursed everyday. Hunger for the presence of God pangs in the hallow places of the soul.  Gratitude purses.

Where have you received insight?  Give thanks.


Gratitude notices.

To give thanks reminds the soul that he is not alone. He does not exist without the hand of One who gives, One who cares. He lives in the webs life created.  Most of the time He goes unnoticed. With each whisper of thanks, He draws near. Gratitude notices.

Have you noticed God in secret places? Give thanks.



Gratitude increases.

The more the heart thanks, the fuller the heart becomes.  Gratitude increases our hearts.  Life’s staleness squeezes out true living.  Gratitude reacquaints the heart with humility, joy and contentment. This is where the heart is most alive.  Gratitude increases.

What good things have grown in your life?  Give thanks.

Gratitude binds.

Thankful songs unifies the grateful ones.  Stories of faithfulness and love come to life, binding one to another.  Gifts have hands and feet.  They look like friends, moms, uncles, neighbors, bosses or children.  When we thank, we pull one another close and say “together is better than alone.”  Gratitude binds.

What forms of “togetherness” are you most grateful for?  Give thanks.


Do you have any new thoughts on this old tradition?


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