37 Things

When was the last time you….

  1. Ate really fresh fruit
  2. Slept peacefully
  3. Were greeted by a friendly pet
  4. Had your breath taken away by something beautiful
  5. Witnessed the kindness of a stranger
  6. Cried during a movie
  7. Had just enough change for a cup of coffee
  8. Felt a baby hug
  9. Discovered $10 in your coat pocket
  10. Partnered with a cause to improve others lives
  11. Found a pair of shoes on clearance in the right size
  12. Tried something new
  13. Inhaled the sweet warmth of brownies fresh out of the oven
  14. Experienced hope in the midst of trouble or pain
  15. Resolved a conflict with someone important
  16. Believed you were worthy and valued right now in your present state
  17. Carried around a broken heart
  18. Finished a project on time
  19. Questioned the status quo
  20. Wondered if all things really are possible with God
  21. Felt understood
  22. Had to wait on God
  23. Were told you looked beautiful or handsome
  24. Were swept away by the feelings of love
  25. Heard the songs the birds sing only in Spring
  26. Believed God
  27. Were really proud of your work
  28. Experienced undeserved grace and forgiveness
  29. Got well
  30. Faced your fears and demons
  31. Were able to help someone else out in secret
  32. Trusted God with your circumstance
  33. Were able to use your talents and abilities
  34. Were consistent
  35. Prayed
  36. Said “I love you”
  37. Were awestruck

If you experienced any of these 37 things recently, they are gifts for you.

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