Waiting Hearts

heart of stone 5

Waiting Hearts

  • We wait for our food at a restaurant
  • We wait for a child to be born
  • We wait for the light to turn green
  • We wait to grow up
  • We wait for the coffee to be done
  • We wait for a promotion
  • We wait for an illness to get better
  • We wait to go to college
  • We wait to ride a roller coaster
  • We wait for our spouses to change
  • We wait for the market to get better
  • We wait for a friend to “get her act together”
  • We wait until next month to pay that bill
  • We wait to be asked on a date
  • We wait for a hair appointment
  • We wait for test results
  • We wait for co-workers to finish their work so we can do ours
  • We wait for the pastor to say something relevant to us
  • We wait for the dog to do his business
  • We wait for the bathroom

We Wait

There are always things in life that are not as we want them to be right now.  Sometimes we are willing to be patient as we wait for them to change or progress.  Sometimes we are not.

Perspective often visits us in the waiting room of our hearts.  We see more clearly, we’ve gleaned something new and useful to our lives. And it’s okay that we had to wait.

But disturbance also makes house calls too!  Our pain or lack of control reveals our hearts true character, and it’s rough at best.  Confusion, disappointment and deep frustration over the way things are hang on us like a clinging child at the doctor and we can’t seem to shake them off.

But yet we wait.  

And maybe that’s the point?  If we have a waiting heart it means we are looking for something.  Something better, greater, more peaceful or constructive.  Maybe our waiting hearts are a mere reflection of a deeper condition in the well of our souls?

Maybe the waiting for this or that is to reveal something true for all of us:  that we are waiting for God.

We long for the presence of the living God when we wait for something to change for the better, when we wait our turn because that the circumstance requires patience and unity, when we wait to go on vacation because we need refreshment and rest…when we wait for something good…we are waiting for the presence of God to show up in our lives.

Something to think about today.

“I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits,”  Psalm 130:5

Waiting Here For You by Christy Knockles.  Spend a few minutes listening…it’s well worth it, click here.



  1. I adore this post. So simple yet inspiring and convicting. I am definitely waiting for His presence. Though sometimes I get impatient and you are right, the revealing of our true heart can be rough. Great post Blessings to you!

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