Houses on Wheels and Other Things That Don’t Seem to Go Together

The other day I was driving toward an intersection.  The light was red and I was going to have to stop.  As I approached I watched the cars drive through in the opposite direction.  Entering my line of vision I saw something enter the intersection that looked so peculiar and out of place.

It was one of those huge semi’s hauling a house, a big house.  It was a house on wheels.  The kind that requires both lanes and service trucks with flashing lights in front of it and behind it.  Now I’ve seen these on the highway before and gawked at how massive they appear to be.  But I’ve never seen one in a busy retail area before.  The sight of it was so odd and funny at the same time.  It was so obviously out of the norm.   Houses on wheels don’t seem to go together, or do they?

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.32.36 AMThere are other things in life that don’t necessarily seem to go together but in reality they make an unlikely but effective match.  Although they may not be conventional or at times seem even improbable but they work.  Things like:

  • Watermelon and salt
  • Vinegar and oil
  • Cars and water (aqua cars)
  • Salmon swimming upstream
  • Flying planes
  • Remote car starters
  • Picasso lithograph in a Good Will Store
  • Pearls in oysters
  • Prostitutes and Jesus
  • Walking on water
  • Believing against all odds

I could keep going.  To live in this life requires faith.  So many things don’t make sense.  There isn’t enough logic and reasoning to comprehend some of life’s greatest mysteries, or even the small ones.

Somethings that just don’t seem to belong together, when teamed up, catch us off guard and make us marvel.

Like houses on wheels!

My little experience with houses on wheels reawakened me to faith in Jesus and how uncomfortable that is for me.  I’m the kind of person who likes to package faith up in a nice box with a pretty bow.  It makes it more assessable. In reality, faith is raw, painful at times, and dirty.  My ego, security and pride get dragged through the mud when letting go of my “reasoning, logic or will“. It strips away the outer layers of self-reliance and posturing leaving me to see my true vulnerabilities and the true Jesus.

Jesus is the improbably and unlikely.  

He is the able after the “un” is removed.

Believing in Jesus means I believe that the unbelievable is possible.  That I still have room to marvel over something.

Oh Lord, keep my eye open to houses on wheels and every other thing in this life that reinvigorates faith in You. Help me to not rely on myself and confuse being diligent and prepared with security.  Let the mountains be moved in front of me for I want to see You.  Amen




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