Undiscovered Treasures

I keep a jar of shells and rocks from walks along the beach. I live by the western shores of Lake Michigan and I LOVE to travel to the Gulf Coast of Florida whenever possible.  I typically find 2-3 shells or rocks I like and then I toss them in my beach jar.

I was examining the jar the other day.  I looked particularly close at a rock I had found the year before. I was so struck by the shape.  It was in the form of a heart.  I knew it was a perfect fit for my collection. When do you find a heart shaped rock anyway?

I took it out of the jar and felt the edges, they had become smooth after spending who knows how long being tossed in the waters of Lake Michigan.  I thought, how crazy that a rock could be formed into a heart shape.

And then it occurred to me…

Maybe this wasn’t what I thought it was?  I had just read an article about arrowheads.  I took my heart rock and turned it sideways.  It looked surprisingly like an arrowhead whose edges had been soften by the tumbling of the lake’s sandy motion.

Maybe…I don’t know….I thought.

I asked my husband.  Yea that’s an arrowhead, what else could it be?



An undiscovered treasure right under my own nose.

Now anyone who knows me well knows that I LOVE to go on any kind of treasure hunt.  I’m a treasure seeker at heart and love to look for all things lost or missing, unnoticed or unclaimed treasures.  I am always on a proverbial search for something special.  Now I’m discovering that I’ve had a treasure in my possession all along and never even knew it!  How did I miss the fact that it was an arrowhead?  It’s so obvious to me now!  When I was  young I always kept an eye out for arrowheads when my dad took us camping.  I always wanted to find one and never did…until now…err…I mean last year.

How is is possible that I didn’t recognize the treasure that I already had? Why had my vision for what was valuable become impaired?

How do any of us make this same mistake?  We possess so many valuables and yet don’t know their worth.  I know I am at fault with this truth anyway.

  • Maybe treasures are more visible when we are ready to embrace true value?
  • Maybe we settle for counterfeit things?
  • Maybe we’ve become jaded and discontent with everything that we miss the treasured things?
  • Maybe we’ve stopped looking altogether?
  • Maybe the worth isn’t something we place on something but in something?

When I thought my heart shaped rock was just a random rock I thought it was fun but not necessarily treasure status.  Now that I can see it as an arrowhead it has more meaning. Someone had to shape it and use it for survival purposes. This was a piece of someone’s life and livelihood, it has merit.

When we look at it this way, a world full of treasures come alive right in our midst.

I’m taking inventory today.  Keeping my eyes and heart open to undiscovered treasures around me and sipping gratitude.

“By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” Proverbs 24:3-4

copyright 2013 randi perez helm


    1. Great thought Nancy! Our vision to see what is really valuable gets clouded so much of the time. There is more to looking at our lives with just our eyes, vision requires a discipline to really see!

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