I believe in ghosts.


Beings that float around life moving through time and space without apparent notice.

Here but not there.

Present but not seen.

Alive but not full of life.

Ghosts are everywhere.

I’ve been thinking about them recently but they are probably not the kind that is in your mind right now.  I’m not thinking about the kind that ghost hunters try to provoke on the cable channel.  I don’t mean the kind you find in some paranormal movie or halloween costume!

I’m thinking about the kind of ghosts in the world that exist right in front of me.  They are only ghosts because they do not get noticed by the human perspective.  Lately I’ve been wrestling in my mind with the formless ones in my world.  The ones who fly under the radar, who no one notices if they don’t show up, the ones who haven’t been hugged or talked to in a while.

I asked God: Am I supposed to do something about ghosts?

I’m still waiting on a specific answer….but I’m beginning to realize that perhaps the answer is in the question. The fact that I’m thinking about the unnamed, unseen and un-connected ones in the world makes me wonder that perhaps my efforts are needed to bring value, attention and connection?

I have not landed on what it is that I must do but here is a list of ideas I’ve compiled:

  1. Each month buy an extra bag of food and deliver it to the local food pantry.
  2. Commit to pray for the neighbor who hibernates and doesn’t want to be known.
  3. Volunteer at a food pantry or nursing home.
  4. Serve meals at the mission.
  5. Financially support the mission on a regular basis.
  6. Commit to pray for the homeless in my town weekly.
  7. Give eye contact and hugs to the girl who shows up each week at church who needs a little extra time, patience and conversation.
  8. Ask God what I can do.

My list is not done.  I’m still working on it.  What about you?  What would you add?  We can all do something. Even the most homebound, disabled, and financially depleted person has the power to make a difference.  Prayer cannot be under estimated!

Are you thinking about ghosts?  If you are it may be a sign to step into the world of the unseen.


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