Great Moments

I woke up to this…..

Great Moment of the Day

Great Moment of the Day

I grabbed my daughter, both of us still in our PJ’s, and met several other neighbors outside to get a closer view of this stunning scene.

No matter how many rainbows I see they still take my breath away.

They are so unsuspecting and quiet.  I literally opened my curtain and BOOM there it was, waiting to be noticed.

I wonder how many other great moments in life are waiting to be noticed? How many unsuspecting and quiet things happen that escape my attention?  Probably quite a few.

I just finished watching a short video of a memorial service for a baby born prematurely.  He had several health issues and only lived 17 minutes.  The family knew of his condition so they had all of their family on hand for the short moments this little guy was alive.  I can only imagine the love that he soaked up right before he went to Jesus?  Those were great moments for this family.

My son got a touch town at his football game this past weekend.  He was falling near the goal line but was able to stretch the ball over the goal line and score. A local photographer captured it his camera!  That was a great moment.

But these were obvious moments.  The kind you can’t ignore.  The kind that most everyone sees and is moved by.  There are moments that  get overlooked, a smile from a senior citizen, finding $20 in your pants pocket, a FaceBook message from an old friend who just wanted to let you know they were thinking about you.

There are things that happen every day that are great.

Being able to listen to music that inspires you, to have the strength to make your bed or fix a meal when your body is struggling with illness, to send a card with thought-filled sentiments; these are all the makings of greatness.  Greatness isn’t only defined by huge and noticeable events. Greatness comes in small packages.  The size of greatness is irrelevant.

Witnessing a humming bird get nectar from a flower, tasting spaghetti sauce after it has simmered for hours on the stove, watching a child’s first steps….all great moments.

The fact that we are all human beings makes us eligible to experience great moments. I rather like the idea that no matter where I am or what I’m going through, I am poised to notice greatness, because greatness is all around.

Notice something new today.  Stop and observe something you normally wouldn’t, let wonder begin to play in your imagination.  Don’t rush past the quiet things in life.  Quite often they are exactly what our soul needs.

Great moments await….



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