Call of The Wild

I went to the beach yesterday.

Lake - vibrant

I needed to clear my head and get some space from the “real world”. When life pulls at me I hear the call of the wild. I have to get out in nature.

I heard the call a long time ago when I was young.  I lived in a neighborhood that felt more life a forest.  My parents decided that camping would be a good experience for their family of 7.  I loved it.  I felt more at home camping out in nature than I did in my brick and mortar home.  We went to many beautiful national and state parks.  I think that’s when I heard the call.

Nature has been calling me ever since.

Being in creation without the distractions I breathe easier and deeper. Yesterday I wanted to breathe a little easier and deeper.  Sitting on the top of the dune I looked out over the lake.  The breeze and sunshine began to slow my heart rate down.  I felt the rush of busy living begin to vacate my body.  It felt good.

As I sat there I began to realize how encumbered I feel sometimes.  There is so much vying for my attention and action.   It no longer feels ok to not be in control of my environment.  What if I miss that text or call?  What if I don’t respond to that email today?  What if I don’t look that one thing up online? What if I can’t?  What if I’m not?  What if I don’t?  What if, what if what if…I compulsively need to respond to all of the what ifs.  Like the world will really fall apart if I don”t?

I slip into obsession so easily and unknowingly.

Nature has no control over itself.  It just cycles.  The seasons do not hurry to get here.  The animals of the forest have no idea what is in store for them that day.  They just wake up and get about being alive.

Lake - vibrant 2When I hear the call of the wild something inside of me stirs.  Something begs me to let go of having to always be chained to a full and occupied mind.  When my mind is stuffed there is no room for responding.  I’m too busy controlling and reacting.

You don’t know what I mean? Ask yourself this:     When was the last time you did not feel the urge to get on your computer, iPad, phone or turn the T.V. on? How much do you fill your “down” time with some sort of noise? Albeit mental, visual, physical, relational, mental or otherwise?  These activities are not bad in and of themselves.  But for me they become intrusive, compulsive, and leave me breathing shallow.

With so many choices of things that distract and occupy me I forget how to “not” be in control.

The call of the wild takes me where it’s okay to let God be in charge; to be secure in the unknown, to be patient when things change slowly, to wait for something better… trust.   Just like nature.

The call of the wild forces me to feel my own uneasiness, it’s there to remind me that I was not meant to have to solve everything, fix everything or know everything.  Trust emerges. I breathe it in.

We all need a “call of the wild” every now and then.


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