Road to Bethlehem

Little Town of Bethlehem

Little Town of Bethlehem

He couldn’t believe it. How could this happen?  How could she do this? He loved her. Didn’t she know that? The sting of betrayal was more than he could handle but it couldn’t stop his love for her. Despite what she had done, he wouldn’t make things worse.  He would break things off quietly. It would be better if as few people knew the real story as possible and he wouldn’t be associated with the inevitable.  The road ahead of her was going to be tough enough, she didn’t need to take the heat for dishonoring him too.

It had been hours since they talked.  The sky was turning dark and it was time to kiss the day good bye and look ahead to the refreshing of a new day.  He didn’t want tomorrow to come but his body could hold itself any longer.  He laid himself down.

He tossed and turned.  Sleep wasn’t coming.  Pain can rob a person of rest. After several hours his body finally slipped into a fitful sleep.  Peace wasn’t possible tonight.  Even his sleep was a wounded mess.  Finding his way into dreams, there were no colors, everything stood gray and motionless.

And then something broke open.  He awakened but didn’t wake from his sleep.  A voice, a color, a wind swept into his dream.  Without sound words found their way into him, Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home to be your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 1:20-21)

The voice knew his name and reminded him who he was. He was the son of David, a mighty and anointed King for God.  The voice was calling  him into a new royalty, to let go of fear and believe. Believe what his fiancee, Mary, had told him.  Believe that God had a mission for him. Believe that something impossible was happening.  Believe that he was the appointed father, the one whom God would need to prepare the Savior for His destiny.

Joseph bolted up from his sleep.

Eyes wide open he trembled. This is what happens when a holy presence makes a visit.

Joseph awakened.

He awakened to God’s invasion.

He awakened to his calling and character.

He awakened to a faith that is more than an ideal, but a risky, life altering reality.

He awakened to a love for a young woman brave enough embrace her future even if no one else believed with her.

The road to Bethlehem was paved. It was time for Joseph to begin walking.

The people in Jesus story were real. They were imperfect and lacked faith at times but God chose them all the same.  He chooses me. He chooses you.  You and I also have a road to Bethlehem.  Are you walking in that direction?

Check this video out.  It’s a beautiful song that puts what Joseph might have felt to music.


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