Black Snow

Easter is all about black snow.

Black Snow

Winter has overstayed it’s welcome for most of us this year.  It’s the beginning of April and mountains of black snow litter the landscape. It makes me tired just looking at it.

It was so beautiful when it first arrived.  All white and sparkly; like tiny crystal ballerina’s that floated down from Heaven to dance upon earth’s floor.  Snow inspires. Snow refreshens. Snow is a miracle… but when it lingers too long it no longer wears white.

Hence, black snow. Nobody likes black snow. Black snow is unappealing.  Black snow discourages. Black snow wastes space and hides beauty.

The first book of the Bible reveals the roots of our black snow.  Mankind lingered too long with deception and before long they were wearing shame.

If it weren’t for this event entering the timeline of humanity there would be no Easter.  Easter comes to take all that makes the snow black.

Easter pulls the soiled mess off humanity and owns it.

Snow wasn’t created to be shrouded in dirty garbage and sit in piles off the edges of society.  It was created for purpose and beauty and to mingle among the Living.

I am eager for Easter this year. I am eager to hear Easters story and remember that He has already owned my black snow. I have forgotten this and I feel the weight of dirt on my  shoulders again.  But I too mingle too long with deception and I wear a shame that is no longer there. Welcome Easter, come dance upon my soul and sing freedoms song.  Whisper Your love songs to my heart for I melt when you sing to me and I become white as snow.

Easter is all about black snow.

And the One sitting on the throne said, ‘Look I am making everything new!’

~ Revelation 21:5

Welcome Easter!


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