The Abundant Things In Life



Little Bit of Abundance

Little Bit of Abundance

My brother and I were talking about an experience he had with a former employer.  They did not value the immeasurable things in life like relationships, family, kindness, rest, compassion, faith etc.  We talked about at this point in life we realize how vital these factors are in a quality life. If you don’t have these immeasurable things in abundance than all your professional efforts and achievements are empty.

What good is it to have money, a house, a business or accomplishments if you have no one with whom to share it; nothing you had to overcome to get there; and no benficiaries to your conquests.

There are abundant things in life regardless of how little or how much each one of us has. The abundant things aren’t measured by numbers or accumulation.  They are intangible like;

  • integrity and working hard for the sake of working hard
  • having a faith that is more than just going to church
  • soaking yourself in a sunset
  • honoring a marriage
  • bringing a meal to a sick friend
  • pushing your physical body toward new goals to see how wonderfully you’re made
  • staying a little longer because your conversation with a close friend matters
  • caring for the needs of toddlers and babies, children and teenagers in ways that they need rather than to accommodate your needs
  • walking miles and miles to enjoy natures’ treasure
  • learning from Jesus
  • having fun with people you love like crazy
  • daring to dream of new possibilities
  • building the confidence of someone else
  • caring for your own body and soul

The list goes on.

The abundant things in life are weighty with riches.

The abundant things in life do not discriminate.

My conversation with my brother was a good reminder that while each of us has a “work” to do each day, and our work indeed matters, but we work so we can be abundant living people.  To live in and share abundance with others…real abundance.

As you and I strive toward excellence in our work, and as we achieve wonderful things, let’s keep our focus in the right place. Allow abundant things be our foundation to why we work, how we work and when we rest from work.  Living abundantly is the where the riches really are anyway.  Our work pours out from this abundance.

The immeasurable abundant things in life can go on indefinitely.  They should. We don’t need a paycheck to experience abundance, nor do we need one to give abundance away.

The bottom line isn’t the goal.  The dotted line is.


“…life does not consist of abundance of possessions.”  ~Jesus    Luke 12:15

“Mercy and peace and love be yours in abundance.”  Jude 1:2



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