12 Things I Learned From Giving Up

A while back I challenged myself to create something new everyday.  It could be a music, art or writing.  The only catch was that I couldn’t give up.  I was giving up, giving up.

Wow!  It was harder than I thought.  Creating something new sounded exciting and freeing.  It thought I’d have an endless flow of artistry that would be like a never ending road.

I was wrong.

But I learned a few things along the way.  Here are 12 of them.

  1. Not giving up is harder than quitting.
  2. Not giving up reveals that somedays I have absolutely nothing to contribute.
  3. Not giving up teaches me that creativity is a shifting river.
  4. Not giving up makes me embarrassed at my inabilities.
  5. Not giving up makes me stare down my fears like playing a game of chicken.
  6. Not giving up makes my eyes search for something new.
  7. Not giving up always benefits more than just me.
  8. Not giving up is a cousin of discipline.
  9. Not giving up sometimes means doing something you don’t have the energy or inspiration to do.
  10. Not giving up opens you up to more.
  11. Not giving up is like someone who overstays their welcome.  You have to accommodate and host them anyway.
  12. Not giving up is an accomplishment all its’ own.

There is something to be said about enduring and how it changes you from the inside out.  I can honestly say that this lesson was very powerful in my life.  After I was done I was surprised to learn that the lesson I sought to learn wasn’t about creating art but about creating something new in me.  To not give up on a task showed me things, revealing things, curious things and good things.

To push through a plateau or a stagnant place showed me there is more to me than I knew.  There is more to God than I knew.  He is the Author of not giving up after all.  Scripture uses words like unfailing, faithful, enduring, almighty and never ending to describe Him.

Hidden Colors

Hidden Colors

Do you need to not give up on something in your life?  Have these 12 things reminded you that even though it’s hard to keep going, you can keep going.  Even if all you can do is something small like waking up and breathing a simple, “Hallelujah God”.  If you’ve done than than you’ve done more than most.



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