I Wish There Were Command Strips For Other Things…

I have to say I LOVE command strips!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 5.03.24 PM

You know what command strips are don’t you?  They are the adhesive strips you can put on almost anything that you want stuck to a hard surface.  I need nails for very few things these days because they make command strips that will hold up even the heaviest of pictures!  The best part is…when you are done they simply peel off the wall leaving no mark whatsoever!!  For someone like me who likes to rearrange wall art often, this has been a gift.  My husband is the only one  even happier about it.  No more nail holes to patch.

I wish command strips worked on other things in my life.  Things like, my mouth.  I need command strips for my lips to keep them from opening up at inappropriate times and saying things I regret. I’ve been guilty of this recently and it has gotten me into holes that I’m still trying to dig out of.

My life would change if command strips were created for attitudes.  My attitude can run with the wind.  It fluctuates up and down based on my mood and the hormonal ride that goes along with being a female.  Attitude command strips would keep my attitude stuck in the right place…oh the mountains I would climb!

I also really believe that my mind would drastically improve with command strips.  I have a problem of replaying unkind thoughts and words over and over in my mind.  Ideas that I have conjured up about myself that aren’t so flattering and words that have been said to me in haste or anger from others that forgiveness hasn’t quite settled.  Unsettled situations and uncertain outcomes float their boat of fear and doubt in my mind leaving me seasick. Command strips would surely keep my thoughts in pleasant places and not so easily rocked.

Yes I do believe that command strips would help a lot of things for me. But they are meant for pictures and hooks, not mouths, attitudes and minds.

I guess I have to deal with these things the good old fashion way.


It’s the piercing of that first hit that breaks the wall open and readies it.  The second hit plunges the nail with force into the thick wall. The third nail usually does the trick making it secure in place. Now the hole is a permanent mark in the history of the wall.  Oh someone may come to patch it up, but the drywall or plaster has already been penetrated and anything used to fix it is just a filler. It can never go back to it’s original state.

Command strips for the soul would be an easy fix, but the soul is more dense and layered than any wall could be.  That’s why we need nails.  Nails say this is a permanent arrangement.  Nails are the host of some new wall art that needs hanging.  They provide the necessary structure from which to hang the new art, new words, new attitude, new mind…

So bring on the hammer and nails for my mouth, my thoughts and my mind.  This is going to hurt. Command strips are nice, but they aren’t meant to stay forever.

For it is written ‘Be holy because I am holy.’   ~ I Peter 1:16



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