Have You Heard the One About Bunnies Birds and Bears?

I went for a walk the other day.  As I rounded a corner by an open field I notice a black crow flying very low to the ground.  Right on it’s tail was a bunny running as fast as it could after it.

I have never seen that before in my life!

A bunny chasing a crow?  Seriously, what in the world was it trying to do? Did it really think it could catch a bird twice its’ size? And what was going to happen if the bunny caught up to it?

The bird flew up and the bunny stopped chasing it.  Then I saw it.  It was so small I could barely make it out. A tiny baby bunny was furiously hopping back in the direction the larger bunny had taken off from.  It was her baby.  The bird dropped the baby bunny and it was making haste back to its’ hole while the mother stood guard in case the crow came back.

She was defending her baby.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.24.25 AM

Yesterday I was cutting my grass.  When I got to the backyard a small swallow circled me the entire time.  It swooped in and around me to the point I thought it was going to fly into me.  I got the distinct impression it was trying to intimidate me. I remember reading somewhere that swallows are fiercely protective over their nests where their young are. She thought I was a predator seeking harm.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.22.36 AM

She was defending her baby.

It is quite remarkable that a bunny and a bird took on enemies that could easily defeat them.  It seemed like a David and Goliath situation.  What fascinated me was that these small creatures thought nothing of taking on monsters too big for them to defend their young and secure the safety of the defenseless. Talk about a momma bear….

That got me thinking. Who is it that needs defending?  Am I someones momma bear.  Often I cower.  I feel small too do anything to make a difference.  The bunny and the bird helped me realize that potential to be a difference maker doesn’t lie in size (i.e. capability) but rather in intent (i.e. just do something….anything).

A momma bear dwells inside all of us when we assume responsibility for the defenseless.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 11.24.46 AM

There are some people in my life who are defending children with the vigor of a momma bear.

My brother Tom operates a non profit called The Epik Project.  It is an organization designed to battle the sex trafficking disaster.  His passion is to challenge men to take responsibility for this situation.  He believes men drive the demand for sex trafficking. Therefore, he wants to inspire men to defend the children who suffer at the hands of evil. You can read more about it at his website.

Then there is my friend Annette.  She works for an organization called Kids Hope USA.  This is an organization seeks to mentor young students who are falling through the cracks of society.  Kids who don’t have positive adult role models or support.  Annette recruits adults from local churches to participate in a weekly mentor relationship with grade school kids.  The hope is that each child will feel affirmed, cared for and empowered. They are trying to pull them up from the cracks of society. You can read more about it at the Kids Hope USA website.

You are probably thinking, these people work for these organizations, I have a job and family, I can’t devote that kind of time. Well, you are right. But you can do something.  Each one of us can.  Each one of us has a momma bear waiting to pounce.

Here’s some idea starters:

  1. Look around.  Find the needs of children in your neighborhood and town.
  2. Drop off groceries monthly to your local food pantry.  Most of the people who use these are families with children who need nutrition.
  3. Do a fund raiser to give toward a children’s charity of your choice.
  4. Do your homework, find a charity either in the U.S. or abroad that participates in defending children on some level, and give to it monthly.
  5. Take time for children in your sphere of influence.  Do you have a neighbor, niece, nephew, grandchild who needs an invested adult in their life?  Step up and find ways to build that connection.
  6. Pray.  No prayer is ever wasted.  Develop a list of children and/or causes that you commit to weekly prayer.
  7. Do you know a single parent?  Offer to baby sit for free.  Bring a meal over on a regular basis to help out.  Make yourself available to help with car pools and home projects.  Help the single moms and dads defend their kids through serving them in practical ways.

Hopefully this list has got you thinking.

Last week a young neighbor boy came to my house.  He’s no older than 10.  He and his friend were taking orders for baked goods.  He was raising money to buy two goats for a family in Haiti.  This family needs help and goats are a source of provision for a poor family.  So he was making cakes and cookies to raise funds.  He needed $150.  He was small and $150 is a lot of money, but it didn’t stop him from trying.

I asked him what made him want to do this.  He said he saw poor children in Haiti in a magazine and he thought, I can do something, so he came up with this idea.  The momma bear inside him was rallying…and he’s only a boy.

We all can learn from the boy, bunny and the bird…we can do something to defend the needs of the innocent, defenseless and unprotected children.

Think about it.

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. ~ Psalm 82:3



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