New Year Restoration

2015 Restoration

2015 Restoration

January 1 2015 my son asks, Mom what’s your New Year Restoration?

You mean “resolution”?

No, “restoration”, that’s what it’s really about anyway.


He got me with that one.  He’s right.

New Year Resolutions are about restoration.  Transforming something in your life that isn’t so good into something better. Restoration.  I like that spin on this age old tradition.

Restoration is practical, active and visual.  How many times have we watched shows where old homes, junk or furniture have been restored for a new purpose?

Restoration is hope and possibility filled.  There are places in my life that need to be restored for a new purpose.  Who doesn’t need an upgrade of some kind?

Normally I do not do New Year Resolutions, but I will do a New Year Restoration.

Back to my conversation with my son.

Well Jake, my New Year Restoration is so say “Thank You” more often.


Because when I say “thank you” out loud I’m practicing gratitude and I want to practice gratitude.  I want to appreciate people and blessings more regularly.


I think gratitude leads to a fuller life.  Appreciation reveals goodness in everyday places.  I want to focus more on what’s good versus the negative things I’m prone to recognize quickly.

That’s good mom.

Thanks Jake.

And that was that.

Resolving to change has never really gotten me anywhere before.

I’ve been more successful at restoring something that is run down and refurbishing it.  Restoration is a process.  It takes vision and patience.  A system of progressive steps.  It isn’t so black and white.  Pass or fail.  Win or lose.

I know it’s just a slight shift of words but it brings a more attainable and purposefully meaning for me. I like restoration a lot better than resolution.

What’s your New Year Restoration?


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