and they clapped at the sunset

I watched the sun set tonight.

Naples Sunset

I was on the beach with a smattering of people, all there to do the same thing, or so it seemed.

Four or five people stopped their beach walk to capture the fire ball going down on their phones.  Three young men behind me were in their own world.  Reliving their glory days, or moments, or whatever with all sorts of #%&@!.  A couple of families with children floated in and out of the water.  Completely unaware of the miracle that was around them.

The sun began to kiss the water line.  Soon she was gone.  Sunken deep in that mysterious place underneath the sea.  And as she left two people began clapping.

I’m not sure exactly why they clapped or for whom they were clapping but they celebrated.

When my kids were little we spent a few vacations in beautiful places where the sunset always ended our lazy days.  Each time the sun fell away we clapped.  Applauding our Creator for His insanely crazy ability to motor the sun through the sky each day, on our behalf and for our good.  We celebrated Him and all that He brought to us that day.  But that was easy.  We were on vacation.

Sunsets happen every day.  Magical moments are all around me just waiting for applause.  Why does it take a vacation for me to see wonder and applaud what is praise worthy?

There’s a really old hymn that has one of my favorite lyrics.  It’s a prayer to God. “…tune my heart to sing Thy praise.” 


My heart needs tuning.  To see with deep eyes. Observing mysteries in all their fullness.  To move with responsive recognition. Giving witness with thunderous applause. But I cannot get there on my own.  My heart needs tuning, remembering, reminding, turning, focusing.

The two people who clapped tonight were answers to a prayer I’ve prayed a thousand times as I’ve sung, “…tune my heart to sing Thy praise.”  In-advertant missionaries converting my soul; sent to tune my heart into singing God’s praise.

All praise to You God who holds the sun in one hand and my world in the other.  The holy celestial dance replays over and over.  I step forgetfully into my day not remembering Your faithfulness and goodness from one minute to the next.  But Your sun, moon and stars put on a show for all the world to see.  I awake from this worldly slumber and clap with glorious wonder. My heart in tune with Thee.  ~ Amen

May you clap today in glorious wonder.  Awake with awe. Full with songs.



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