That’s Not Yours

I looked out the window today to see a squirrel hovering over a corn cob in the snow.  Where it got the cob I have no idea, but there were kernels still on it.  The squirrel feverishly was chomping off kernels.  As he did kernels popped off in the cold air making a messy pile beneath him.

As I watched this odd scene I noticed another squirrel cautiously making his way towards the squirrel “in feast”.  As soon as he got within two feet, the first squirrel jumped at him and ran him off. This happened repeatedly and sometimes violently.  There was no way the first squirrel was going to let anyone or anything get a hold of its’ corn cob.


Eventually the first squirrel got tired of running. So it picked up the cob and hobbled across the yard and out of sight.  It was clear who it belonged to.

The second squirrel stood motionless. The battle lost and now the first squirrel ran away with, what looked like, a meal for at least two.  He seemed dumb founded the first squirrel was so unwilling to share, so selfish.  (Okay maybe I’m reading into it.  I’m not a squirrelologist.)

After a moment the second squirrel turned around.  Jackpot!  A corn pile was left behind.  Now began the second squirrel’s feast.

As I watched this new odd scene, I noticed yet another squirrel making its’ approach.  And as it got within two feet of the squirrel “in feast”… well I don’t have to tell you.  You already know.

Selfishness breeds selfishness.

Our walls, fences and divides screech, that’s not yours!

We don’t have a problem with what belongs to us but we sometimes have a problem with what doesn’t belong to others.

We are quick to respond with a that’s – not – yours kind of way.

My husband is notorious for saying, sharing is caring, when he wants some of the M&M’s that I’m eating. I usually never want to share my M&M’s.  They are my favorite and they belong to me, not him.

See? There it is… that’s not yours.

Why is it we are so quick to be selfish and slow to share?  Why is it that we, like the squirrels, hover over our preverbal corn on the cob and fight off anyone who is hungry?

As I pondered this dilemma of human nature I watched the second squirrel defend his pile of corn kernels against a third squirrel. I realized I had no good answers.

So I let my dog out to chase them all away.

The Hound

The Hound



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