Exhale What You’ve Inhaled

Do you have seasonal allergies?

Then you know what it’s like when flowers bloom, grass grows and tree pollen flies through the air!  You inhale something mysterious and invisible and suddenly you find yourself sneezing, nose oozing and eye’s stinging.

My husband and son have seasonal allergies. Certain seasons are miserable for them.  Other times of the year they aren’t impacted.  Different allergens create different responses when they inhale.

My friend recently told me when her husband was in high school a teacher said something negative that embedded deeply inside him.

He inhaled.

For years he’s been trying diligently to unhinge himself from the affect. Other negative words have come and gone in his life, but for some reason these were ones that created a histamine type reaction in his soul. 

I thought a lot about what my friend shared with me.

I can relate. For some reason certain words have embedded in me.  Words and statements spoken to me have somehow found their way to the basement of my soul.

I inhaled.

Somewhere inside of me memories re-tell words that I inhaled. Like an intruder, I remember The feeling of shame, blame or hurt from something said or done a long time ago. Full blown soul histamine attack ensues. But it doesn’t always require memory to release the negative affects.  Whenever I’m insecure and try to hide a part of me or unwilling to try something important because those words spoken deep inside just might be true, I’m reacting to something I’ve inhaled. Anger, grumpiness or plain indifference can be an effective means to keep out those whom are trying to get in.  Heaven forbid someone should see my human-ness.

I too am trying to unhinge myself from the affects negative words that stuck inside me.

These words didn’t necessarily come with malice or anger either.  Not all evil looks scary. Carless, simple and untethered words spoken to a vulnerable soul can do damage. Not everyone who speaks the words you’ve inhaled meant it for harm.  Most likely, they have no clue their words became an enemy to your soul.


This is not a time for blame but rather understanding and clarity.

I am human therefore I am vulnerable.  I am susceptible to words that embed themselves in me and wreak havoc.  Certain words spoken to you may have absolutely no effect, but to me they may sting for a while and visa versa.

What words have you inhaled?

Are unwanted words living in the basement of your soul and holding you hostage?

Do you feel restricted by something at times and don’t really know why?

Chances are you’ve inhaled a word or two. Don’t beat yourself up.  You’re human. You’re one of us.  Innocently and wonderfully flawed.

My friends story opened up an inner dialog about how some words that have been spoken to me have had a negative impact.  Although inhaling is inevitable and part of the human experience. We have to remember something important. We cannot only inhale.  It’s humanly impossible. Breathing is two-way.

We must exhale.

In order to live, breathing requires inhaling and exhaling.

Exhaling slowly releases the grip of what was inhaled.  We cannot hold in what is being forced out.

We don’t always know what has been inhaled until we experience and recognize it’s grip on us.  But we’ve been given the ability to exhale. If we can breathe in we can breathe out.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Exhaling is a practice of patience and love.  It helps us grab hold of the belief that we matter. That we can be rid of labels, blame, shame, guilt and anger; all of these the result of inhaling.

Do you want to exhale?

Do you know that you can still breathe out words that have devastated parts of your soul?

What do you need to exhale?




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