I have a plant.


I do not have a green thumb.

Somehow I’ve managed to keep this plant alive.  Probably because it’s one of those that it’s best not to water. Every once in a blue moon I look at it and remember that I forgot to water it.  It somehow doesn’t mind.  I give it a little water and the plant is no worse for the wear.  It’s a perfect arrangement for me.

The other day I noticed the roots were starting to protrude from the topsoil of the plant. I figured this wasn’t a good thing and had better do something about it.  So I went and acquired a new pot and fresh soil.

Once I had what I needed I began the task of repotting my plant. I gently began pulling the plant at its’ base from the pot.  It didn’t really give. I tugged harder.  It slightly moved. I then began to try to squish the sides of the plastic pot to release the hardened soil from the sides of the pot.  It wasn’t budging.  So now I had to resort to cracking the plastic pot carefully so as not to disrupt the roots or break the plant!

Finally, after wrenching the plastic pot off I discovered that the entire root system was hard and knotted around itself. It was twisted and malformed. Tightly bound. I’m telling you, I would have had to use one of my Cutco knives to  have cut through the roots. They were embedded and hard as nails.  It had absolutely no chance of surviving much longer in that pot because there was no room for it to grow or flourish.

In order for the plant to survive and be healthy it simply had to be repotted.

As I looked at the knotted up mess in my hand I couldn’t help but smirk at the irony.  The plant itself was beautiful. Green, waxy and lush.  No signs of root trouble.  But the ball of hard roots told another story.

Only a thin layer of soil between the two worlds.

Now that soil had not been enough to hide the truth.

How often it’s the same for you and me.

The outside is lush and green. A thin layer masks the knotted up mess beneath.

Sometimes our roots begin to protrude where they shouldn’t be. We become aware of our exposure.

Repotting is the only way we’ll survive.

Leaving behind all that was once comfortable and safe because now it has become our prison.

When we grow, our roots grow.  If we don’t regularly repot, our roots become stunted and cemented, unable to be nourished or move.  For a time we are still lush on the outside, but the inside is choking. Sooner or later our roots show and we have to change something or something will change whether we want it to or not.

This is a hard reality for us as human beings.  When in life did we become so afraid? When did we become unwilling to look into our soul and give it what it needs?  What has blinded our vision?

These are complicated questions and answers surely don’t come easily.

But knotted up roots happen, none the less, and we have to come to terms with that. We can either repot ourselves or be repotted, under duress.

For him who has ears to listen.

God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and for godliness. This power was given to us through knowledge of the one who called us by his own glory and integrity. ~ 2 Peter 1:3



  1. randi – thanks for this! so very timely for me.
    why is it even when we realize that we are bound up – for me, that fear of stepping out is keeping me in this place – that i am SO CreATIve at lying to myself or justifying it?!
    i realize it and think i have worked it through, only to find out months later that it is still here, dressed a bit differently!
    just this morning i grabbed a dictionary to read the meaning of control ( had been reading 1Peter 2 – for you are a slave to whatever controls you..) the line under the definition of control that grabbed me was this: the situation of being under the reguation, domination or command of another.
    in my case, fear.
    fear is regulating, dominating and commanding area’s of my life. and then i think of God, love, freedom, go and grow…. WOW! i am living less than i would encourage you to live….
    great word for me today – thank you!

    1. Ruth, I’m grateful for your comment. The illustration of knotted up roots spoke to me as well. I really believe that fear is the culprit of so much of our hesitations and resistance in life. Peace

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