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I Love You

Three very simple words that possess the power to literally change everything.
We’ve heard them so may times we don’t always realize their full implication.
If we don’t hear them, it has a profoundly negative impact on our life.
If we don’t say them, it has a profoundly negative impact on our life.

But what if that’s all you could say? -Continue Reading

Exhale What You’ve Inhaled

Do you have seasonal allergies?

Then you know what it’s like when flowers bloom, grass grows and tree pollen flies through the air!  You inhale something mysterious and invisible and suddenly you find yourself sneezing, nose oozing and eye’s stinging.

My husband and son have seasonal allergies. Certain seasons are miserable for them.  Other times of the year they aren’t impacted.  Different allergens create different responses when they inhale.

My friend recently told me when her husband was in high school a teacher said something negative that embedded deeply inside him.

He inhaled.

For years he’s been trying diligently to unhinge himself from the affect. Other negative words have come and gone in his life, but for some reason these were ones that created a histamine type reaction in his soul.  -Continue Reading

When Nothing Changes and Nothing Stays the Same

There are some people in my family who have been wearing certain clothing items for a long, L-O-N-G, time.  These clothes are allegedly, ahem, “broken in” and so comfy that they just a can’t seem to get rid of them or not wear them.

Are you like this?


I’m not.

I can’t fill the Goodwill bag fast enough.  My motto is if you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re not ever going to wear it again.  Get rid of it.  But that’s me. I like to make room for change.  I like to see what else I can find.  -Continue Reading

One Word

2017 has made a splash!  It is well under way.  I’ve long forgotten Christmas and New Years.  This always happens.  Celebrations short-lived and routine returns to a cold and gray January.

A few weeks ago I read some thoughts by a writer.  She does not do resolutions because they don’t seem to stick. I can relate, can’t you?  Instead chooses a new word that she wants to live into for the year.  A word that resonates with her and gives focus and imagination for life.  I like that idea.

So I thought about it for a while and finally landed on my word.


It seems to encompass the thoughts and feelings inside of me as 2017 begins.   I’m curious about this year, what it will hold?

The world is a noisy place right now.  So many opinions, ideas and perspectives and I wonder how we’ll all get along?

My family has grown another year older. The cusp of new frontiers await.   Where will it take us?

I think about possibility all the time.  “What if” kind of thinking.  What if I can go to….., what if I can experience….., what if I can have….., what if I can create….?

This word curious works for me. A framework which to wrap my day to day.  A filter through which I pass the stuff of my life.

  • When my mind is thick with worry or doubt, I will become curious about how God will help me?
  • When unexpected delays slow me down, I will wonder how to build myself for endurance?
  • When faced with others need, I will ask how I may help?
  • When God talks, I will wonder why He speaks at all?
  • When creation overwhelms me with its’ beauty and power, I’ll wonder why have we been given such a gift?
  • When seasons change and time feels rapid, I’ll ask how gratitude can enrich the transition?
  • When fear is present, I’ll ask its’ name and if it has power over me?
  • When examining the contents of my heart and hands, I’ll wonder what would change if I say yes to inspiration?
  • When God seems silent, I will ask how I may quiet my soul and trust?
  • When mankind isn’t kind at all, I will be curious about what prayers, words or deeds are mine to respond?
  • When I’m stained with guilt, I will inquire about the mysteries of forgiveness?
  • When life shines like the sun and I feel full and free, I’ll ponder the sweetness of happiness and ask how I may hold it in?
  • When the brilliance of humanity or the magnificence of a child take my breath away, I’ll be curious how much wonder can a heart hold?

When I become curious possibility opens. Possibility fuels imagination. Imagination brightens. Enlightens.

What about you?

What word would you choose to help shape your 2017?

I’d love to hear about it.


Nothing to Say

Hello again!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  If you are new to my blog you’ll notice that I periodically take sabbatical’s from writing.  It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s that I need to take a break from speaking and practice listening.


There’s been a lot to listen to in the past few months.

Our society is very out of sorts about a good many things. The messages I have heard varies from the plight of the vulnerable or marginalized to the American rights of every citizen; the outrage of personalities, politics and immoral practices to freedom of expression and speech.  There are new messages almost daily.  It’s hard to keep up.

It’s not just society that is demanding to be listened to. People close to me are chugging along in life and it’s not turning out as expected. Physical aliments, fears and uncertainty over “tomorrow” is a regular dialog.

My own soul at times rants. Trampled by the voices of many.  Smothered by the weight of the world and my world.  It crys to be remembered and nurtured.

There has been a lot to listen to.


Listening is important, for listening reveals answers I cannot get when I’m talking.

  1. When you quiet your own voice you can better hear yourself.  I tend to clutter the atmosphere with my spastic words and thoughts, so much so that I am not always sure what it is that I’m trying to say.  I just become quick to have a comment, idea or thought that spills out into conversation whether it is needed or not.  Sometimes talking is a disguise for self-importance or even low self-esteem.  If I have the answers, or say something smart than they will all know how brilliant or important I am, or at least that I have an answer for the problem because I’m embarrassed and don’t want the conversation to dig any deeper. Can you relate?
  2. When you quiet your own voice you can better hear what others are saying. Funny thing happens when I’m always talking.  No one else gets to. My words take up too much space. I wonder if this is the best way to show love and respect to others? When there isn’t room for a dialog, there isn’t room for more than one person. Listening to others means I’m just as interested and concerned with what they need to share; so interested that I make sure I don’t do all the talking.  I listen and find ways to draw the other person out by asking intelligent questions. Listening to others is a active way of loving.
  3. When you quiet your own voice you can better hear what God is saying. When mine is the only voice I tend to listen to I am out of tune with the voice of God. I cannot hear what He has to say about the plight of the world or my life for that matter. My voice drones when it never stops. It becomes more important to “tell” God what I think than to listen to what He thinks.  Listening to God is probably the hardest for me.  It involves being intentional.  It involves reading Scripture and praying,  stilling my own inner dialog and inviting Him to speak to me.  These things don’t necessarily come naturally to me.

In discerning what the deepest part of myself, what you or God may be saying, I hear the messages that I most need to hear.  My vulnerabilities are uncomfortable but not anything to be afraid of. The burden of convincing others of my importance is lifted when I realize I don’t have to defend myself. You, my friend, may have the way forward if given a chance to share. Sometimes shared thoughts, working toward understanding different positions and hidden feelings are the very ingredients necessary in creating bonds of healing and unity. God Almighty has the most poignant message of all. It offers me stillness of soul in the turbulence. It is mysterious and often challenging but compelling and more and more I hang on every word He says.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve been practicing my listening. Now you know why.


“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak,” James 1:19